A Portrait of the Artist as an Archive

I’m Kelley Kavanaugh. I make things. I make things happen.

Portrait of the Artist as an English Major Hopeful
Portrait of the Artist as an English Major Hopeful

For as long as I can remember I have been making whatever comes into my head. I use this website to keep records of most all my costumes, websites, fashion designs, flat sketches, management projects, finger puppets, album art, pillowcases, socks, candy, paintings, charcoal drawings, screen prints, shirt designs, tote bags, rice babies, coasters, and pretty much anything I can think of to make! I am a person-of-all-trades with a lot of great craft and art skills to offer.

In addition to making actual physical things, I excel at making things happen. I have experience running restaurants, managing bands, producing films, teaching students, laying out magazines, producing art shows, making zines, establishing web presence, and so much more.

Check out my resume for more details about what I’ve done!

Why not a portfolio? Or a curated gallery? Why an Archive?

I was inspired to create this archive by other amazing artist/archivists like Weird Paul, Andrew Novick, and Sara Tea. I have always delighted in retrospective work, and for artists with a wide range of skills (like myself) it can be misleading to show only some kinds of work at a time. In order to put my best self forward, I have worked tirelessly to retroactively present every piece of art I have ever worked on in this archive! Obviously, that is an impossible task. But I have carefully collected every piece I can remember, with more pieces being added every day.

I’ve organized the artworks in this gallery in as intuitive a way as a can, but my artwork runs such a wide range there can be a lot to look at. Some things to keep in mind: Every archive segment is organized in chronological order. The older a piece of work is, the further back in the archive it goes. Some of this work is over 15 years old! and as such may not be totally representative of my current skills. Also, this is not a complete record, as hard as I may try to make it so. There are lots more pieces than you see here!

Costumes, Crafts, Bears, Oh My!

Scout Wise and Kelley Kavanaugh, Platonic Lifemates
Scout Wise and Kelley Kavanaugh, Platonic Lifemates

Sewing is my first love, but I am also skilled at illustration, management, screen printing, modeling, bag design, web design, and more. Perhaps my most useful skill is the ability to take a disjoined group of people with great ideas and help create a unified, finished product. Working with my platonic lifemate and lifetime business partner Scout Wise, as well as the lovely and talented folks at Ideas on Fire, I have been able to create many wonderful shared works that expanded my experiences and helped me become the artist I am. So, take some time to venture around the website! There are lots of cool things to see here, and lots of other great artists contributions for your to look at!


My Life Story

Portrait of the Artist as Minnie Mouse
Portrait of the Artist as Minnie Mouse

I have paid a fantastic writer / biographer to help my write my brief biography. They’re still working on it! In the meantime, here is placeholder text with some cute pictures of me:

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A Portrait of the Artist as a Sample Photo

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