Kelley Rose Kavanaugh


I have been managing creative and administrative needs for businesses of all kinds for the past 10 years. From the complex and unique needs of a restaurant moving from “hip and new” to “Denver staple go-to”, to the individual challenges of owning/operating an online vintage clothing store, to starting a non-profit from scratch and taking it to the green in the first 3 years: I am an invaluable asset to any team I am fortunate to work with. I take pleasure in not just doing a job well, but making every completed task a moment to be proud of. I am lucky to have had the opportunity to work for businesses that I am very proud to align myself with, as my choices at work and home both reflect my strong desire to live ethically.

sewingI have been sewing for as long as I can remember. I love the diversity of my skills and opportunities but my first love has always been costume making. I have experience teaching in the fashion industry in both sewing classes, computer-aided fashion illustration (Adobe Illustrator) classes, Look-Book creation (Adobe InDesign), as well as pattern drafting, light tailoring, hand sewing, fashion illustration, and more. I am also well versed in small craft making, custom creating cards, studio decoration, and so much more!


Owner/Designer, Birdy Rose Shop, Seattle, WA — January 2014 –  Present


  • Create unique garments, household wares, and bags to be posted daily.
  • Sew, pattern draft, and alter garments to be sold online
  • Produce new garments daily to post online and sell in-stores
  • Manage online inventory
  • Photograph garments, edit photographs, provide descriptions
  • Provide customer service online and in person
  • Utilize best practices SEO, tagging, metadata, etc.
  • Manage client relationships, shipping & inventory, as well as advertising & promotion.

Instructor,  New York Fashion Academy, Seattle, WA — January 2016 –  June 2016

New York Fashion Academy

  • Create a curriculum that encompasses all ‘sign off’ requirements for NYFA certificate students
  • Create deliverable homework and assignments, with due dates
  • Assess students on an individual basis and adjust curriculum
  • Manage meetings and check-in’s with each student to insure a success
  • Teach skills from experience to produce professional level work
  • Create an inclusive, safe-space for learners of all genders, sexual orientations, race, education level, body type, handicap, etc, in a professional, educational setting

Manager,  CascadiaNow!, Seattle, WA — December 2013 –  April 2016


  • Facilitate the shift from locally-owned merchandise provider to full fledged 501(c)(3) non-profit with a mission to cultivate a strong and inclusive PNW community
  • Successfully raise over $24,000 through an Indiegogo non-profit donation campaign, including fulfilling over 400 unique “perk packs”— and do so before the stated deadline
  • Design and market new products, successfully set profit margins and meet all profit & loss goals for the first year of non-profit operation
  • Ship orders, manage inventory, update website, manage wholesale business
  • Create an inclusive, safe-space for employees and clients of all genders, sexual orientation, race, education level, body type, handicap, and more by constantly seeking out educational information on privilege, safe-spaces, and fair business practices, as well as highlighting and uplifting marginalized voices whenever possible

Web Designer, Freelance, Denver, CO & Seattle, WA — 2011 –  2014

Web Designer

  • Manage all aspects of a small business from client communication to financial management
  • Design websites (and WordPress Themes) from scratch based on client desires
  • Maintain current best practices and up-to-date design aspects for all website work
  • Maintain websites over time, keeping updates current and content fresh
  • Manage social media links, contact pages, and forms for clients
  • File proper federal and state taxes for small businesses
  • Create functional, beautiful pieces of art that last years
  • Create custom illustrations for clients to use on their logos, websites, etc

Assistant Manager,  Sushi Sasa, Denver, CO — September 2006 –  August 2013

Office Manager

  • Oversee day-to-day operations, vendor relations, and direct customer service.
  • Present a professional, friendly face at the front of the restaurant daily
  • Cultivate personal, lasting relationships with regular customers
  • Manage payroll, accounts payable and employee payroll.
  • Manage social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Savory, etc
  • Create marketing materials (menus, posters, mailers &c) and creative campaigns.
  • Serve as sole point of contact in Human Resources for employees
  • Update website, interface with social network representatives and make decisions on behalf of business.

Band Manager, Fiction is Fun, Denver, CO — September 2009 –  September 2011

Fiction is Fun-manager

  • Successfully ran a Kickstarter to fund a full album, produced said album, marketed and sold over 800 copies “grassroots” style
  • Fully plan and execute two successful national summer tours, including finding lodging, food, venues, payments, a vehicle, and more for 9 people
  • Handle all tour finances including pre-tour fund-raising, tour spending (lodging and travel), and post-tour financial gains distribution
  • Schedule shows, negotiate payments, send thank you notes, send follow up emails
  • Produce flyers, contact other bands, maintain successful relationships with industry workers
  • Design, create, and screen print custom t-shirts, bandanas, flyers, posters, and more


Technical Skills


  • Strong experience and competency in: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver), HTML, CSS, WordPress, Microsoft Office suite, Apple Office suite, as well as SEO and web copy writing
  • Proficient in illustration, design and layout, color theory and printmaking as well as sewing, cutting, marking and pinning clothing, pattern drafting and conceptual sketching


  • Excellent service industry background, appreciation for the needs and expectations of the customer, ability to adapt to those expectations
  • Ten years experience in telephone reception, schedule management, and direct customer relations, human resources, small business needs, and more
  • I have also created award winning costumes, an international mail-based art project, and have organized several successful non-profit benefits!


nyfa-portraitNew York Fashion Academy. Seattle, WA — 2014 – 2015

  • Certificate in Fashion Design and Construction

University of Colorado. Denver, CO — 2005 – 2009

  • Bachelor of Liberal Arts in English Literature, Fine Arts


Birdy Rose Shop LogoKelley Kavanaugh is the owner of Birdy Rose Shop. Check them out on Etsy at BirdyRoseShop, where you can buy bags, clothes, trinkets, and also request custom orders!

Kelley Kavanaugh is available for all kinds of freelance jobs! Email to get in touch about custom sewing work, freelance web design, private or group classes for: sewing, illustration, web design, Adobe products, and more. You can also click here to use a contact form!